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Cindy Chang

R+F Independent Consultant

My best business moment:
Teaming up with the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution in their newest business venture

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My Story

As a former technical writer/editor who was once working in the corporate world, and now a professional actor/singer, represented by a top talent agency in Chicago, and going on auditions pursuing my dream that was put in my heart since childhood to perform professionally, I know what it is like to have a dream in your heart, aching, longing, and wanting something more out of your life, and believing that deep down inside in the very depths of your soul, God created me specifically to do something else, other than, what I was doing at the time. If you have ever watched America’s Got Talent Season 6, the season I was fortunate to audition and be featured, you may know that I did not grow up with a lot of support from the people around me believing in me or in my ability to become a professional performer. I was told I was not good enough by those closest to me (I know most of them meant well in their own way); and even though I had a conviction in my heart that singing and acting was truly what I was supposed to be doing, when you are told you are not good enough by people, especially by people who are supposed to be supporting you, no matter how well-meaning their intentions, it can affect you in strange ways. It took YEARS for me to even start pursuing my dream, my conviction to become a professional singer/actor. So now that I am one, it means a GREAT deal to me, and it is VERY important to me to stay true to my CONVICTION, and to the profession which I believe, in my heart, I was and am CALLED to be in, as cheesy as that may sound.


However, a performer’s life is not easy. It is very unpredictable and can get very expensive with all the lessons/coaching and traveling, etc., especially now that we had to move to an area that requires me to travel long distances (by air, or drive several states away) if I still want to perform at the level I need to and want. Plus, I do not depend on my husband, nor on anyone else to pay for my performing endeavors. I want to and need to do this on my own, and I also want something that is my own. It is just my personal view, but I think it is good for a woman, regardless of whether she is single or married, to have something of her own and to be able to stand on her own two feet. 


That is why, I am SO grateful my sister introduced me to Rodan+Fields. I admit when she first wanted to share this with me, I was NOT interested. I admit I was hesitant and skeptical since I’ve dealt with direct marketing before – YUK!, right?...NO!!! I was WRONG!! (I can admit when I am WRONG!! J) I am SO glad I finally decided to give her the respect and took the time to hear what she had to share about Rodan+Fields because it was exactly what I was looking for!


Because the R+F creators were the same doctors who created Proactiv, I knew the reputation of the doctors were credible and the products were clinically proven to work, but the sound business model and the amazing team support were like nothing I had ever seen before in previous direct marketing companies I had encountered, and the decision was a no-brainer for me. Rodan+Fields, to me, was an answered prayer.  R+F was the extra source of income I was praying for that was doable ANYWHERE – no matter where I was – even in my car! (due to the fact I traveled for auditions, and also because of where I lived, unless you are part of the university, military/government, or hospital, it was hard to get a job that paid at the level I needed to cover performing expenses). Plus, I needed something with flexibility so that, for instance, if my agent called at a moment’s notice with an audition, I could leave right away and fly out or drive long distances to wherever it was I needed to go for that audition.


The best part is, by going through the R+F system, (which is a system that can be duplicated over and over again), it gives me HOPE and a sense of EMPOWERMENT in a profession, and life in general, where most of the things are OUT of my control rather than IN. (As an actor in the performing world, you do NOT have much control as to whether or not people are going to hire/cast you in their projects.  About the only part I have control in the casting process is just making my audition as interesting as possible.)  It is empowering to realize what I CAN and CANNOT control. It is empowering to know if I am persistent in following the R+F system, results eventually follow. It is empowering to know that the system matches my efforts and my pace, however slow or however fast I want to go.  It gives me the freedom to focus my energies on what I LOVE to do and who I LOVE to be WITH, which is my husband and my dog, most of all!  It also allows me to pursue my passion and calling in the performing arts and focus on acting and singing, without having to depend financially on anyone else, knowing I CAN and WILL stand on my own two feet, AND knowing I AM GOOD ENOUGH!!! So are YOU!! 


I am SO grateful R+F also allows me to pass it on to others and introduce them to R+F’s potential and freedom in their own lives too, for whatever it is or at whatever level they choose to attain for themselves.  This is a vehicle for freedom! It is empowering!!  It allows you to focus on what you REALLY need to focus on so that you can do what you really want to and are CALLED to do. This is NOT about making tons of money, but of course, it can, if you want it to be about that. The point is, YOU make this to allow YOU to do what it is you want it to do. That is the cool thing about this. It is TOTALLY up to YOU!!!  As a performer, I LOVE that FREEDOM of CHOICE!!!  This allows you to express yourself whicheverhowever, or how much you want it to - not to mention, we get GREAT skin from using the products, and who doesn't want great skin at any age or any profession?! :)!  It is empowering! It is freeing!! And we ARE good enough to do this!!! And it all starts with a little sharing!! J


I thank God for Rodan+Fields! Besides my husband and giving me the ability to sing/act, Rodan+Fields has been one of the best gifts I feel God has brought into my life! :)


If you could have partnered with the Doctors when they created Proactiv, where would you be today?

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